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Become an ASR partner and join the global revolution to advance sustainable energy solutions. Africa is home to many countries on the cusp of economic and social development. Your donation will help African Solar Rise build smart and eco-friendly energy supplies in developing villages in Africa. ASR energy systems support new and existing small business operations, whose success benefits the entire local community.


African Solar Rise now accepts donations through PaypalŪ. It is simple and easy to use. If you have an existing account, simply click the button below to make your donation now. For new users, you can click below to register your new account on PaypalŪ. Your billing information will automatically be stored, allowing you the convenience of making your donation anywhere, at anytime. Thank you for your support!


Why should I support energy development in Africa?

Developing global industries can no longer be sustained by fuel and coal consumption. Not only are global fuel supplies growing scarcer but the burning of fossil fuels is dangerous to the long-term viability of our planet. We are already seeing the consequences of climate change around the world because of our dependence on fossil fuels. Sustainable and environmentally responsible energy development in Africa is the most important step to stabilizing under-performing economies on the continent, as well as preventing irreparable damage to the environment. Not only will energy development in Africa help raise communities out of severe poverty through business growth, but a healthy and productive African industry will benefit the citizens of this world. You can help fight climate change at home and abroad by donating to African Solar Rise today.

What will my donation be used for?

Your donation will help ASR purchase the necessary technology hardware to begin our project in Tanzania. We have identified two major technology equipment needs to make our project successful. This includes small single-panel PV home systems for individual usage and biogas plants as central energy supply solutions.

Can I volunteer my time and expertise instead of donating money?

ASR is always looking for professionals to help advance our mission. If you have experience in the field of energy development, engineering, marketing, grant writing, fundraising, or simply have a passion for aid work in Africa, please contact us. The ASR team is a truly international collaboration with team-members from seven different countries.

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