African Solar Rise
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African Solar Rise is a non-profit organization with the intent to bring sustainable and renewable energy to developing communities in Africa, particularly Tanzania.

Our goal is to inspire business and economic growth by providing African communities with access to reliable and environmentally friendly electricity resources.

We invite you to find out more about our vision and the energy situation in Africa, specifically Tanzania.

If you want to get a quick overview about ASR, we invite you to watch our video


07-03-2013 - ASR at the Seif award in Zurich / Switzerland

06-28-2013 - Zawadi receives first Micro Credit in cooperation with

06-23-2013 - Our video about the ASR Solar Training Center goes online.

12-01-2012 - Vodafone Foundation Germany grants ASR a 12 months scholarship (more Information...)

10-27-2011 - Jansen AG supports African Solar Rise.

09-08-2011 - Community in Dar es Salaam gets equipped with solar energy.

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