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Solar Village Training Center

Pastor Kennedy Kisanga
Our solar training team

Simba Solar Village is an exhibition center where people will be introduced to the new solar energy products and will be made familiar with them. Visitors will be able to experience the difference between fossil sources of energy and renewable sources of energy and thus obtain a picture of a new and modern African village. The Simba Solar Village acts as a showpiece for rural communities to identify possible ways of electrification. Furthermore, the village is being used as business incubator and center for technical training. We are going to offer courses that teach students to implement, maintain and repair solar systems in their home village.

The project is designed to establish a self-sustained solar village, displaying the possibilities of renewable energies on a residential, commercial and governmental level. In a residential hut people can experience the difference between a simple kerosene lamp and a solar lantern. They are also able to test the process of a pay-as-you-go solar home system.

Pastor Kennedy Kisanga
Our first solar hut -
100 % supplied with renewable energies.

Next to the residential huts, the solar village displays possible ways of using renewable energies in a commercial way with a special focus on agriculture. There will be a bar with radio and cooled drinks, a mobile phone charging station, a solar powered water well with a water purification system and drip irrigation. On a governmental level the visitors can examine solar street lights and on grid solar solutions that can be used to provide stable electricity for hospitals, schools or police stations. One of the goals of the center is to raise public awareness towards the new technology as well as informing people about the different possibilities arising through the latter. Potential customers can gain first-hand experience about the different features such as the durability or the ease of use of solar powered products and hence become convinced of the promising opportunities.

The solar village will be designed to benefit a variety of different groups. First, producers and distributors of solar powered products are invited to demonstrate the power of their products. Then, the project is targeted to inform governmental as well as regional politicians about possibilities to increase the life of their inhabitants in rural areas with renewable energies. This is one of the basics in order to fight the ongoing urbanization process. European politicians and international NGOs are also targeted in order to show them different project opportunities with the newest technology.

Local entrepreneurs are invited as well. Their focus lies on discovering new business opportunities along with receiving the required training which will all be ensured at the solar village. Last but not least the solar village targets consumers in general. They shall experience the power of renewable energies during their visit and become solar missionaries for their home villages in rural areas.

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